Hello World!

Originally I had the idea/created this blog a year ago while rummaging through Pinterest. I realized that I wanted so badly to discuss all the things I pinned and wanted to work more on bringing it to life rather than finding and pinning only for it to never be seen again. I was getting really into it for a while but that completely halted when I moved to California (transitions, moving, settling, new life, blah blah blah…excuses.) Recently I’ve been feeling a little unfulfilled and I think it stems from the lack of creativity in my life currently. This blog, for me, is a great start and place to fill that hole and get the juices flowing. So welcome (or welcome back) to my renewed ‘Gracefully Kelley’ blog! I’ll talk about all good things beauty, fashion, faith, health, tv, movies, dance, music, places…life. Basically a big free for all that hopefully someone out there finds intriguing.

Welcome to my brain.


PS. Always feel free to connect and have a conversation about anything. My posts, personal questions, or someone to talk to. I’m all yours at gracefullykelley@gmail.com.


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