Statement Pieces





When it comes to fashion I think a lot of people are interested in trends/specific pieces, but are too timid when it comes to rocking them in their everyday life. Here’s how to fix that: keep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S). This term I first heard in theatre class my freshman year of high school and it has stuck with me in many different ways. For this particular subject, it couldn’t be more true.

Pictured is me wearing these super rad plaid jeans from Madewell. The first few times I wore these I played it safe and just paired them with a black tee. I highly suggest this for whatever new item you’re working with, play it super safe the first couple times you wear it. By doing this you’re giving yourself the opportunity to test it out comfortably and confidently. This time is also is great to analyze if you really like this look or not. If not, ditch it. If yes, lets move on to phase 2.

After you’ve established the yay or nay, you can start to have more fun. When you’re planning your outfit rock only ONE trend and make it the focus. Trend + trend will never make a right. Instead of having an on trend or cool outfit you’ll be an uncomfortable hot mess (I have been there). For this outfit I introduced some color keeping in mind that I wanted my pants to be the center of attention. This olive tank and denim jacket were perfect because they elevated the look without clashing or distracting the attention from the jeans. This is all thanks to the simplicity of the cuts and the neutral color tones. K.I.S.S.

That’s it folks! It’s really simple when you keep it simple.

Of course always remember to be YOU and let your outfits show that! Fashion is a fun experiment we get to play with everyday, so don’t let anyone tell you can’t work something. With thoughtful planning and the confidence to showcase it, you can wear whatever you like honey. You do you boo-boo.



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