My Favorite Places in San Diego

A year ago today I moved to San Diego from New York. This morning I woke up and thought I’d write some sappy letter reminiscing this year and all thats happened and quickly realized no one gives a damn. Instead I thought making a little list of my favorite San Diego spots would be a much better idea (and hopefully helpful to SD visitors.) Let’s get to it.

  • The Yellow Deli 

Owned by a Christian cult (or tribe as they like to call themselves) the Yellow Deli is one of the greatest great escapes. Handmade everything and farm fresh food, this Vista hotspot for sure warms your heart. My go-to meal is a cup of chili with a side of veggies and peach iced mate. When you need something sweet go for the cream cheese pie w/ strawberries or their banana milk. In need of a quick pick me up? Mate bars all day erryday. (PS. Might not be your best option for a fast meal..go knowing you will be there for at least 2 hours.)

  • The Spruce St. Suspension Bridge

My personal favorite getaway in SD. The suspension bridge is just downtown off of Spruce St. West of Balboa Park. It is just a bridge but I love it. Completely quiet and surrounded by lush trees the suspension bridge is the perfect place for some “me” time, peaceful lunch time, or Instagram time.

  • Moniker General

Moniker General is an open concept retail, coffee, and beer safe haven (also one of my workplaces.) Though MG is my job it also a great spot to hang. Watching the store grow I’ve seen many people become regulars, bumping into friends, or just looking for a spot to work. Moniker has been a great part of my year in San Diego. I’ve made life long friends and met really unique people with tons of different stories. If you like beer, you’ll like MG. If you like coffee, you’ll like MG. If you like buying things, you’ll like MG. A little bit of everything for everyone.

  • Lofty Coffee

I’m not a coffee drinker, I just like holding it and if I had to choose only 1 place to hold coffee it would be Lofty. Iced almond milk mochas are my jam along side avocado toast. Not in a coffee mood? Their orange juice is INSANE.

  • Batiquitos Lagoon

Between Poinsettia and La Costa, Batiquitos is mine and Julie’s favorite place to go for a walk. Every Tuesday we go and get in about 4 miles! It’s an easy walk with a nice view and plenty of shade. Also next to Aviara Golf Course which is open to everyone on tournament days (which is surprisingly a ton of fun.) Batiquitos is also great for a little picnic or time to read, something Julie and I have started doing more often. Now that she can walk it’s a lot more enjoyable going to places like this so she can explore.

  • Pilates Room Studios – Carlsbad

Yes you can do pilates anywhere and probably with better customer service but I love it there, mainly because of THE BEST instructor, Wendy. She is my Guatemalan sista and a complete bad ass. For me she makes the membership worth it. If ever you’re in town looking for a good work out you can pop in for a class ($20) at anytime and at their many locations. Wendy teaches at them all I believe but for Carlsbad she is always there Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Totally worth it.

  • La Especial Norte

La Especial has been a family favorite since my uncle moved here 30 years ago and still does not disappoint (except one time Claire got food poisoning…lol.) In Leucadia off of PCH, La Especial is the perfect place for classic Mexican food. Chicken enchiladas with verde are on point but real crowd pleaser in my family is the chicken soup. At least 1 person gets it whenever we go…definite must.

  • Kindred

Located in Southpark, Kindred is all things amazing. A rocker bar with a vegan menu, this place is nothing but unique. While Claire and I only go for dinner (20 year old probs) this will for sure be one of my go to bars after I turn 21. Claire is obsessed with the beet risotto and I am partial to the cauliflower steak. Both amazing meals that are surprisingly filling.

Well folks that’s all I’ve got for you at the moment. There are of course other places in town that are super awesome and doing great things but these are my staples.

Peace n blessings.





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